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Vaughan's 10 Best Safe Neighbourhoods(2)

Kleinburg—northern part of Vaughan

Kleinburg is mainly concentrated in wealthy families, many of whom are engaged in senior management jobs. Most of the houses in this area are detached houses and occupy a large area. Kleinburg also has many historic buildings built in the 1800s, forming a perfect fusion of old and new, full of atmosphere and charm. Kleinburg is located in the north of Vaughan City, west of No. 400. There are McMichael Art Gallery and Kortright Centre Reserve in the area. For a long time, the demand for properties in the area has been in short supply, and because the properties and land areas here are generally large, so Housing prices in Kleinburg have always been expensive. There are currently 49 properties listed for sale, ranging from 1.2 million for the smallest town house to the most expensive 28 million ultra-luxury palace for you to choose.

MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills-Maple

MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills is located north of Maple, next to Dufferin, which is a small community of mostly professionals, executives, doctors, lawyers and other high-end professionals, etc., and therefore, it is also one of the more expensive in Vaughan Community. There are many large plots of luxury homes in the area, and the abundant green space and woods also bring beauty, tranquility and outdoor sports conditions to this high-end community. There are 13 properties listed for sale, with asking prices ranging from $1.28 million to $25 million.

Weston Downs- Weston

Weston Downs is located west of 400, between Lanstaff and Route 73, and the community is clearly not interested in first-time buyers, but families looking for better quality homes. Weston Downs is a very family-oriented community with a large age range, and business owners and professionals are the mainstream demographic. There are very large plots of detached houses in the area.

Because there are almost no families who buy houses for the first time, all the residents in the community have rich experience and ability in house maintenance. Most of the houses have been carefully and professionally managed inside and outside. A small piece of grass and flowers can show the owners' dedication and love for the house. , so that the entire community has a unified, high-level standard. There is a good dining and shopping environment near the community, of course, the price of property in the area has always been high. At present, there are 10 properties listed in the area, the average price is above 2.5 million, and the range is from the lowest 900,000 to 6 million.

Columbus Trail-Maple

The Columbus Trail is located north of Maple and is quite cost-effective compared to the other communities described here. A mix of detached, semi-detached and townhouses, the area is ideal for young families while being close to Canada's Wonderland. The population in the area is diverse, and various ethnic groups can be found. Compared with other communities in Vaughan, the property prices here are relatively close to the people.

Downtown Woodbridge -Woodbridge

Woodbridge is the main constituent town of Vaughan, and Downtown Woodbridge represents the history of Vaughan, as well as the development, change and hope of the city over the decades. Although you can still find nearly 200-year-old buildings in the area, mini shops with a little rustic nostalgia, and seemingly eternal landscapes and giant trees, there are also a large number of Condos and townhouses that are rapidly emerging here. The modern property fully enjoys the convenience of the area, and the living needs can be solved on foot. The population of the district is mainly composed of young couples and empty-nest retirees.

Maple Landing--Maple

Those who drive long distances to commute will love Maple Landing, because the Maple Go station is in the area and there are plans for subway connections in the future. Of course Maple Landing is also close to Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills malls, but one downside is that noise is unavoidable during Canada’s Wonderland opening hours. The population here is dominated by young, bloated families with children. There are many housing options in the area, ranging from a townhouse for $1 million to a detached home for $1.8 million.

Old Maple --Major MacKenzie and Keele

Old Maple belongs to the historical protection area of ​​Vaughan City. There are many historical buildings here, with wide community intervals and sparse housing layout. It is a quiet community in Vaughan City.

I have lived in Old Maple myself, and I have experienced a little bit of change here for more than ten years. In terms of population composition, from European rule to more and more other ethnic groups; in terms of family structure, from empty nesters, to The number of young children waiting at the school bus station is increasing year by year, and this is a younger and more diverse community.

Old Maple's residences are all detached houses, built in the 1980s and a few in the 1950s. It is close to the Maple Community Center, the new Vaughan City Hall and the gleaming City Hall Resource Library. Facilities Convenience, life is extremely convenient.

During the summer months, Old Maple homes are like small gardens, most of them are well maintained, the gardens are well-tended, weeds are rare, and the neighborhoods are friendly and lively.

Old Maple has experienced a wave of remodeling in the past ten years. Houses built in the 1950s have been torn down, and luxury mansions have been rebuilt on large plots. For properties that have not yet been remodeled, small developers are mainly interested. As for the properties built in the 1980s, the turnover rate is very low, because the quiet environment and mature facilities in the area have always been in short supply. There are now nearly 60 properties listed, with asking prices ranging from $1 million to $3.5 million.

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